The Alchemist


Prior to reading this one, I have never read anything from Paulo Coelho. Sucks right? But since I had the time, I finally finished The Alchemist! In two days! (Ha,ha.)

This book was picked randomly but I was surprised to see myself being close to the story. I was the boy and I was looking for my treasure. Coincidentally, I am in the dessert! Gosh, it made me excited as the story reveals itself for more travelling because I love adventures!

What scared me tho, was that the treasure of the boy was closer to home and it might be the same for me. Of course, it is always a matter of perspective.

Leaving makes all the difference. Travelling, and exploring makes you grow as a human being. It makes your view wider and wiser. If the boy never left for Egypt, he would probably be the same shepherd who spent his day the same way for how many years.

Plot-wise, it didn’t have that “wow” effect. But sometimes we all need that reminder when we forget even the most obvious things in life.





Saudi gives me a change of perspective. Being in a place where everything is new allows me to improve myself and how I see other people. If I were not here, I don’t think I’ll be able to understand the culture the way I understand it now.

The Kingdom has its good and bad, but most of it will depend on the person’s perspective. Some will say that women are oppressed for not being able to go out alone or have position in the management or for not being allowed to wear what they want to wear. But some will also say that they are treated like a royalty as they are not allowed to drive, and that they are lucky they won’t have to think about what they will wear or how they will do their hair as they have abayas and tarhas to cover them up.

I say its a country trying its best to develop and with many young Saudis learning from other culture, and families supporting modernization, I’m excited to see where this country will go.

I’m just new here and there are so much more to explore. But right now, I’m glad that I came. I have a fresh view of perspective and a lot of time to focus on improving myself.

I am in Saudi

Earlier, I wrote a blog post about where I want to be. Who would have thought that I would be writing this from my dorm room in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia a month after a wrote that?

Is this part of my plan? I guess not. I never really had a plan. But I decided that I will be okay, no matter what.

So, what really happened to me? lololol. In about a month, I resigned from a promising (but almost impossible) job back home. I guess I got exhausted, and burned out. I got a call that about a job in Saudi (that I randomly applied for about 5 months ago), and I flew to Saudi.

It was an “OKAY” pay. Definitely, if I stayed in my home country, this is what I what I will be getting after around 2-3 years. But maybe I accepted the job not because of the pay, but because I wanted to get out. I wanted a change of environment.

I arrived in Saudi four days ago. Was I shocked? YES! Starting from the airport where we were put on-hold with the cleaners and domestic helpers because we needed to be picked-up by the company driver (we were picked up 5 hours late btw), to getting our baggage from the SHOCKING Jeddah Airport, to getting to the old dorm with very dirty shower rooms and toilets and walls and ceilings where we were supposed to stay. I would say this was not what I was expecting.

But nobody said it would be easy. Charge it to experience, as they say.

Contract that I need to finish with this company is three years. I’m praying that I will learn something, and hopefully I can save some money and ease up my debts.

I am excited BUT MOSTLY TERRIFIED. Scared, but hopeful. It is another adventure for me, indeed.

I guess most of my blog posts will be about Saudi from now on. Let me just settle in so I can write more about this new chapter of my life.



Where do you want to be?

There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind. – C.S. Lewis

I remember that I read from a few months ago this line “whatever happens, whatever you decide on, decide that you’ll be okay” or something like that. I don’t remember the exact post (sorry, Stefano) but the idea was somewhere between those lines. I NEED TO DECIDE THAT I WILL BE OKAY.

I am 23, and I am on my fourth job.

When I was younger, I have dreamed that I wanted to pursue a career in corporate. I watched movies where I have always admired those ladies in suits and heels, walking around the city while talking on their phones, and going inside the office being welcomed by their secretary and their favorite cup of coffee. I wanted to be like that and I wanted to be a woman that can make decisions for the company.

But is what I am going through worth it? Is it really part of the process that I have to work endless nights and sacrifice time with family and friends?

Or am I making wrong career choices?

When I was about to resign from my third job, I asked myself this question of where I want to be. And I was not surprised that I didn’t have an answer.

I no longer have that dream to be the girl in heels. In fact, I wanted to be a housewife. I want to create a home.

Haha. I am actually scared that I am thinking this. I think this is just a thought because I’m tired of working. I mean, I’ve never even had a boyfriend so why would I want a family. Crazy, I know. Its just a thought anyway.

So off to a new job in a bigger, better company. Right now, I am challenged with another work with new learnings and experiences along the way. And I actually have a new answer to the question “Where do you want to be?”

Anywhere but here.

I will move forward together will new learnings and experiences. I’m actually excited to where life will take me next!

How about you, are you on your way to where you want to be?