Bucket List

I am a little bit hesitant to write this down because I’m afraid to disappoint myself after a few years. But heck, I’m gonna do it anyway! YOLO! (Haha)

This is the list where I will write down my goals, short-term and long-term, hoping that it will put a smile on my face when I look back after a few years and see that I’ve already accomplish some.

These are some of the things in my bucket list, just listing them down as it goes on top of my head:

  1. Find my calling
  2. Make blogging a habit, and have people read it
  3. Buy my own place
  4. Be an AirBnB/Couchsurfing host
  5. Be credit card debt free!
  6. Live abroad for at least a year?
  7. Get my master’s degree
  8. Pass a professional licensure exam – Licensed Psychometrician as of July 2015 🙂
  9. Travel to another country alone  – Korea 2015 for my 22nd birthday
  10. Travel within the Philippines alone
  11. Travel to the US
  12. Euro Trip!
  13. Go to India
  14. Go to Dubai
  15. Go to Africa
  16. Go to Middle East
  17. Fall in love
  18. Get a tattoo
  19. Own a car
  20. Drive during a long roadtrip
  21. Drive a motorbike somewhere abroad – Bali 2016
  22. Go country-hopping in Asia  – 2013 in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand
  23. Watch a concert abroad in VIP seats  Singapore KWave 2011, MAMA in HK 2014
  24. Go on a pubcrawl – Korea 2015
  25. Go to disneyland! – HK Disneyland 2014, Tokyo DisneySea 2015
  26. Go to Universal Studios
  27. Sleep in a Ryokan – Japan 2015, stayed in the Ryokan for 5 days
  28. Wear a Kimono while touring around Kyoto
  29. Go skiing
  30. Ride a Helicopter
  31. Visit the Canadian rockies – Canada 2013
  32. Actively participate in an online community
  33. Attend a high school reunion
  34. Cook for an event
  35. Bake a delicious cake
  36. Snorkel –  Puerto Gallera 2012
  37. Helmet Dive – Boracay 2016
  38. Scuba Dive
  39. Go parasailing
  40. Drive a JetSki
  41. Go cliff diving – La Union, 2014
  42. Swim with fishes  – went swimming with Butandings (Blue Whale). Oslob, Cebu 2014
  43. Go skinny dipping – does Japanese public bath count? Japan 2012
  44. Write on a journal daily for a year
  45. Clean out my closet
  46. Write a professional article
  47. Teach in the academe
  48. Be a manager
  49. Take a photography class
  50. Get in shape and run a 5k
  51. Volunteer on a regular basis
  52. Write an ebook
  53. Host a family reunion
  54. Have a collection
  55. Do 24 hours of silence
  56. Give a speech
  57. Donate blood – done twice!
  58. Watch a broadway musical in NY
  59. Cook a Filipino dish and serve to non-Filipino people
  60. Build a brand for myself

The list will go on.. and on. I’m very simple with what I want to do and its not much. Still hoping to add more to the list soon! 🙂