Ancora Imparo

I am still learning.

I can say that I really have learned so much about myself during my stay here in Saudi. Being in isolation taught me that there are moments when I need to embrace loneliness and accept things I cannot control. I used to read quotes and whatever about motivational bullshit when I feel “bullied” or “depressed”, but now I understand really what it means.

I am on my lowest low, ever. I feel heartbroken, isolated, demotivated, hopeless. I still am.

But God really moves in mysterious ways, and I know that this is changing my life. I need to go through this so I can come out as a stronger, more faithful, and more mature individual.

I have a lot to learn and I know I will make a lot more wrong turns. There are times that I feel like a walking dead with no motivation and an empty heart.

I haven’t felt happy for a long time now.

But I am getting there, I hope.


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