6 months and counting

The last time I wrote was 3 months ago.

A lot has happened since then and remembering what I wrote about last time, it did happen. For the past three months, I felt lonely at the workplace and doubted the decisions I made.

Studying Organizational Psychology, I learned that being happy at work improves the quality of your life. Which means being STUCK at work (and abroad) for the next 30 months or so, means you have to at least enjoy something to avoid falling into depression and giving up.

I need to shift my perspective on things. I want to change how I see things.

Here’s what I think I should start doing:

  1. Don’t care too much. I need to stop thinking about people who wouldn’t even lift their fingers to message me. I should shrug it off if they didn’t invite me to a birthday party or to someplace. If they did that, I should respect them for not wanting me there and not think too much about it.
  2. You can’t please everyone. Okay, I need to STOP pleasing people. Some people will use me and I should avoid trying to do things for everyone.
  3. Think before you become “proactive”. I read the 7 habits by Stephen Covey. But being in my current workplace, proactivity might be a bad thing. It will hurt me if I try to become a leader. I think it is just because of the culture here, so I need to be more careful.
  4. Do something else. Since being proactive would be a problem, I need to shift my attention to something else besides work. This will be hard for me because I like working hard!
  5. Remember my WHY. I need to remember why I am here, I am working here because I want to help my sister, my family. As long as I keep grounded to my WHYs, I will have the courage to continue.

Many things has happened since 3 months ago, and I have learned a lot about dealing with different kinds of people, and more importantly, I learned more about myself.

Life really has its way of turning things around. It will teach you things in ways you would never expect.

I survive by keeping my mind open, and my values intact.

Until then, this is where I was.


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