Is being kind worth it?

“Masungit” is a Filipino word that can be translated to peevish or unkind. The person who thinks she is your boss at work, or the old guy in the cafeteria who looks like he forgot his smile at home.

Sometimes I get tired of dealing with these kinds of people and I forget how to be kind. There will always be moments when I would say “whatever, fuck them” and I will give up and let them do what they want. Or just ignore them all at once.

Its easier to not care, but it also tests me as person. After a while, I will ask myself again if I am doing the right thing. Am I?

I often think that this person might be just being moody, maybe she is having a rough day at work or something happened to her family or something else. I try to understand, but will it always be like that?

If someone is being rude and unkind to me, should I return the favor or should I keep on being kind?

Because sometimes, being kind is tiring. Being kind is not worth it. Especially with moody people.

Or is it?



2 thoughts on “Is being kind worth it?

  1. I agree with you. It is important to be kind but…I’ll add, especially to moody people. We all have are ups and downs, but many of us enjoy our own ups and other peoples’ downs.
    To me, that latter one is also a down needing empathy.


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