Tampa by Alissa Nutting

I read this book just yesterday after work when I couldn’t find anything to do. I honestly don’t know where I got a copy, but I have around 500+ ebooks on my reader and I just press “open random book” button on the upper right corner whenever I get bored and want to start a new book.

I read this book without expectations. I did not have internet to check the synopsis or reviews of that book at that time so I just went ahead and read it.

This is not your normal love story. Its actually a fresh idea (for me, at least) to see the point of view of a pedophile. And a lady at that.

The story was about a woman who married rich, and is actually a pedophile. So what else would she do to fulfill her desires but to become a junior high school teacher. Sick, huh.

It was an interesting read to see how a pedophile thinks and how bad her sexual urges can take her and the people around her.

Sometimes book like this gives me a break from all the cheesy love stories I normally read. Interesting.


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