The Alchemist


Prior to reading this one, I have never read anything from Paulo Coelho. Sucks right? But since I had the time, I finally finished The Alchemist! In two days! (Ha,ha.)

This book was picked randomly but I was surprised to see myself being close to the story. I was the boy and I was looking for my treasure. Coincidentally, I am in the dessert! Gosh, it made me excited as the story reveals itself for more travelling because I love adventures!

What scared me tho, was that the treasure of the boy was closer to home and it might be the same for me. Of course, it is always a matter of perspective.

Leaving makes all the difference. Travelling, and exploring makes you grow as a human being. It makes your view wider and wiser. If the boy never left for Egypt, he would probably be the same shepherd who spent his day the same way for how many years.

Plot-wise, it didn’t have that “wow” effect. But sometimes we all need that reminder when we forget even the most obvious things in life.




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