Saudi gives me a change of perspective. Being in a place where everything is new allows me to improve myself and how I see other people. If I were not here, I don’t think I’ll be able to understand the culture the way I understand it now.

The Kingdom has its good and bad, but most of it will depend on the person’s perspective. Some will say that women are oppressed for not being able to go out alone or have position in the management or for not being allowed to wear what they want to wear. But some will also say that they are treated like a royalty as they are not allowed to drive, and that they are lucky they won’t have to think about what they will wear or how they will do their hair as they have abayas and tarhas to cover them up.

I say its a country trying its best to develop and with many young Saudis learning from other culture, and families supporting modernization, I’m excited to see where this country will go.

I’m just new here and there are so much more to explore. But right now, I’m glad that I came. I have a fresh view of perspective and a lot of time to focus on improving myself.


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