I am in Saudi

Earlier, I wrote a blog post about where I want to be. Who would have thought that I would be writing this from my dorm room in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia a month after a wrote that?

Is this part of my plan? I guess not. I never really had a plan. But I decided that I will be okay, no matter what.

So, what really happened to me? lololol. In about a month, I resigned from a promising (but almost impossible) job back home. I guess I got exhausted, and burned out. I got a call that about a job in Saudi (that I randomly applied for about 5 months ago), and I flew to Saudi.

It was an “OKAY” pay. Definitely, if I stayed in my home country, this is what I what I will be getting after around 2-3 years. But maybe I accepted the job not because of the pay, but because I wanted to get out. I wanted a change of environment.

I arrived in Saudi four days ago. Was I shocked? YES! Starting from the airport where we were put on-hold with the cleaners and domestic helpers because we needed to be picked-up by the company driver (we were picked up 5 hours late btw), to getting our baggage from the SHOCKING Jeddah Airport, to getting to the old dorm with very dirty shower rooms and toilets and walls and ceilings where we were supposed to stay. I would say this was not what I was expecting.

But nobody said it would be easy. Charge it to experience, as they say.

Contract that I need to finish with this company is three years. I’m praying that I will learn something, and hopefully I can save some money and ease up my debts.

I am excited BUT MOSTLY TERRIFIED. Scared, but hopeful. It is another adventure for me, indeed.

I guess most of my blog posts will be about Saudi from now on. Let me just settle in so I can write more about this new chapter of my life.




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