Where do you want to be?

There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind. – C.S. Lewis

I remember that I read from collegetopia.co a few months ago this line “whatever happens, whatever you decide on, decide that you’ll be okay” or something like that. I don’t remember the exact post (sorry, Stefano) but the idea was somewhere between those lines. I NEED TO DECIDE THAT I WILL BE OKAY.

I am 23, and I am on my fourth job.

When I was younger, I have dreamed that I wanted to pursue a career in corporate. I watched movies where I have always admired those ladies in suits and heels, walking around the city while talking on their phones, and going inside the office being welcomed by their secretary and their favorite cup of coffee. I wanted to be like that and I wanted to be a woman that can make decisions for the company.

But is what I am going through worth it? Is it really part of the process that I have to work endless nights and sacrifice time with family and friends?

Or am I making wrong career choices?

When I was about to resign from my third job, I asked myself this question of where I want to be. And I was not surprised that I didn’t have an answer.

I no longer have that dream to be the girl in heels. In fact, I wanted to be a housewife. I want to create a home.

Haha. I am actually scared that I am thinking this. I think this is just a thought because I’m tired of working. I mean, I’ve never even had a boyfriend so why would I want a family. Crazy, I know. Its just a thought anyway.

So off to a new job in a bigger, better company. Right now, I am challenged with another work with new learnings and experiences along the way. And I actually have a new answer to the question “Where do you want to be?”

Anywhere but here.

I will move forward together will new learnings and experiences. I’m actually excited to where life will take me next!

How about you, are you on your way to where you want to be?



3 thoughts on “Where do you want to be?

    1. Hi! Thanks! Definitely. I moved to another country! One where the culture is VERY much different to where I came from. I am learning everyday and surprising myself along the way. 🙂

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